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  • Forstall is a huge loss, clearly. The father of iOS. But he was not without controversy inside of Apple. 

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Sorry to cut off the rest of the text form Siegler’s post, but, I’m only trying to digest the fact that Forstall is leaving Apple.

He was from NEXT, came to Apple with Jobs, was responsible for a lot of things that you refer to as Apple - iOS. Apple would not be where it is today without the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. All these devices run on a miniaturised version of OSX, which was created by the team lead by Forstall.

Sure, maps didn’t go as planned - but I’m not even sure these events are related.

For some time I thought he was the next most important person within Apple, following on the footsteps of Jobs. Didn’t expect him to become the CEO anytime soon, but never thought he’d be anywhere else.

I have not upgraded to iOS6, just thought I’d mention that before saying that I’m truly sad that Scott is leaving Apple. There are a lot of people that are very difficult to work with, same was said about Steve Jobs as well.